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So, what were you saying? :icontherogoji:TheroGoji 2 0 Giganotosaurus Carolinii. :icontherogoji:TheroGoji 2 0 Southern Doom. :icontherogoji:TheroGoji 1 0 Tyrannosaurus Rex. :icontherogoji:TheroGoji 2 0 A Tyrannosaurus Pursues the Weary. :icontherogoji:TheroGoji 2 0 Utahraptor Ostrommaysorum. :icontherogoji:TheroGoji 1 0 Deinonychus Antirrhopus. :icontherogoji:TheroGoji 2 2 I am the equilibrium. :icontherogoji:TheroGoji 1 0 Carcharocles Chubutensis : AKA Megalodon's... :icontherogoji:TheroGoji 0 0
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A King's Kill. :icontherogoji:TheroGoji 3 1
Carcharodon Megalodon...and pups. :icontherogoji:TheroGoji 0 0 Mega-Faunal-Mammal-meal! :icontherogoji:TheroGoji 2 0 Sea Croc' Snack Time. :icontherogoji:TheroGoji 1 5 I really don't understand the battle maison... :icontherogoji:TheroGoji 1 0 Congratulations Saurian Team! :icontherogoji:TheroGoji 5 1 Heya. :icontherogoji:TheroGoji 2 1


Gamera :icondigiwip:Digiwip 80 26 Utahraptor :iconvalia2305:Valia2305 107 42 Velociraptor portrait :iconosmatar:Osmatar 105 7 Spec Challenge - Skullcrawler :icondontknowwhattodraw94:Dontknowwhattodraw94 219 100 Malayan Pit Viper :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 509 16 Sea Lord :iconprimevalraptor:PrimevalRaptor 89 23 Realistic Skullcrawler :iconosmatar:Osmatar 136 37 Sky High :iconvalia2305:Valia2305 121 36 Kristianstad Basin, late Cretaceous :iconkana-hebi:Kana-hebi 166 14 Unfortunate Demise :iconvalia2305:Valia2305 115 116 Self Portrait As An Owl :iconosmatar:Osmatar 33 4 Australovenator wintonensis :iconguindagear:Guindagear 49 3 Narzia :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 546 16 Ceratonykus :iconhyrotrioskjan:Hyrotrioskjan 184 28 Blackfish :iconvivzmind:VivzMind 731 66 Shin Jirass vs Legendary Gomess :iconkaijusamurai:KaijuSamurai 1,010 119


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So, what were you saying?
Another updated drawing of anon again. I swear i've replaced this like five times in the past three days.
I want to die.
Giganotosaurus Carolinii.
Another wide profile shot of a massive land predator, the carnosaur Giganotosaurus Carolinii.
Though on average Giganotosaurus was most likely larger than Tyrannosaurus Rex, specimens like Sue would weigh at least as much as a 13 meter Giganotosaurus, as Giga' was not as stocky and robust as T-Rex, though Giga' was stockier than most other Carcharodontosaurus.
Southern Doom.
Again we have a reconstruction of one of the largest land carnivores of all time, Giganotosaurus Carolinii.
Unlike advanced Dromaeosaurids and Tyrannosaurids, Giga' and other carcharodontosaurids did not have good binocular vision, meaning they might have had to move their head side to side to focus in on small objects.
A Tyrannosaurus Pursues the Weary.
In the huge amount of rugged terrain Tyrannosaurus Rex occupied, and as it was a truly massive predator,  it may have had to go to great lengths to stalk and eventually catch its prey.


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United States
Hello, my name is Charles, and I am interested in Paleontology, Kaiju, Comics, herpetology and many other things.
I wish to either be an independent animator, Paleontologist, or Herpetologist in the future.
Hope you enjoy my content!


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